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Jun. 2nd, 2010

Wow, I'm off to a great start. Took me this long to even realize I'd been invited to this community. And did I mention I didn't even finish unpacking until like, yesterday? I'm pretty sure at least one of my dresses has been ruined because it's all weirdly bent out of shape (and oh God, now I'm trying to remember what I have in storage and if any of them might not survive) but I don't know, maybe I just need to put it on and bring it back to form or something, though the thought of my body being the one to form anything is kind of hilarious and depressing all at once.

Anyway. I've been doing a whole lot of nothing except watching television and being sad and thinking about getting out/finding a job/studying for the LSAT/researching schools/working on essays/asking for recommendations holy shit why haven't I even done that/getting off my ass and actually writing something instead of just thinking about it, but alas, to no avail. Maybe I'm just afraid to grow up. Maybe that's the dumbest fucking excuse in the world. No, actually, scratch the maybe on that one.

Speaking of dumb excuses, I feel like half the reason I plan but don't write is because I don't think it's going to be as good as it was in theory, because it never is, is it? But if I don't at least try, I'm never going to get better, and I'm never going to get anywhere. And not getting anywhere is even scarier. Sure, you can tell yourself you could have been great if you tried and feel safe or whatever, but you also never fucking got anywhere. No regrets, right? At least you did the best you could. And if that wasn't good enough, you still have time to try something else. Like law school. Shit.

So here's one of the things I'm working on. I copied and pasted this from elsewhere and there's a lot of unnecessary backstory, plus some ranting because when do I ever not rant, and it actually got so long I ended up just not posting half of it anyway. But this is my (our) community and I can post whatever I want, so HA.

I am one of those awful people who have at least 58593755433.67 writing projects going on at any given time. Right now, I have five television shows, four films, four novels, and one play for which I only have the note "write a play about lesbians" because it occurred to me while watching yet another play about gay boys that there just weren't that many. (The play was fantastic, by the way, but you know.) And those are just the ones I bothered writing down on my latest to-do list. I think I need help. I also think my problem is that I like the setting up better than the actual writing. I have most of these things completely planned out, as far as the plots go, I just don't feel like actually writing them out. My dream job would be a showrunner so I could just kind of decide what I want to have happen that week and have someone else do all the work for me. (And I know it's actually more complicated than that, but whatever, this is a dream.) The last one I actually bothered finishing was actually my senior thesis, a really fantastically shitty play I half-assed at the last second because I knew my advisor wasn't going to read it anyway.

And the one I'm actually working on the most right now, if only because I want to finish it while it's still somewhat relevant, is what I call my anti-Twilight parody/satire/what-have-you, tentatively titled Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf, which was really a joke to start with but then I was kind of surprised it didn't already exist, and then it ended up sticking because I couldn't think of anything better. Basically, I started thinking about Twilight and all the ways in which it made me angry (which there are a lot, let me tell you), and about the whole YA fantasy/supernatural genre or even just teen lit in general, really, and why is it that in a supernatural love triangle between a human, a werewolf, and a vampire, 1. the girl is the weakling human dumbshit in distress, and 2. the vampire always wins? And I know books with bland heroines sell because it's easier for the reader to imagine herself in her role or whatever, but that makes for an incredibly boring read if you're the kind who enjoys silly things like character development and reading for the sake of an interesting plot rather than wish fulfillment (gee, do I sound bitter and/or annoyed yet?) and I don't know, I am just really sick of all these stories with average girls who are somehow special enough to attract the attention of the hottest guy in school and making him change his ways for her for no other reason than that she's the narrator. I mean, I'm all for that if she actually has some worthwhile qualities or whatever, but come on, make me think she deserves it. WOW, I ramble. Moving on.

So basically, this started off with me just wanting a supernatural love triangle with a human boy in the middle and the werewolf winning in the end, set in a universe in which everyone had strong personalities and teenagers occasionally had sex but that was okay, it didn't automatically make you good or bad or a worthwhile role model, it was just something that people did for reasons that were sometimes reasonable and sometimes stupid but never explicitly right or wrong. (Okay, last rant, but how is teenage suicide considered less of an issue than premarital sex by these parents? I mean, seriously?) And then... it somehow turned into a full out satire.

The main character, Cassidy, is basically every blonde bitchy cheerleader you've seen in the movies. She's gorgeous, popular, rich, and hates everyone who isn't all of the above, and rules the school with her similarly blonde but slightly less bitchy cheerleader best friend, Charlotte. They have several conversations that have nothing to do with boys before Scott, the pretty new boy, comes along. Both are interested, and all three end up at a party, but Charlotte goes off with Scott and Cassidy ends up drunkenly making out with some random guy who kind of bites her a little bit, which she thinks is weird and says so (not the most tactful crayon in the box, this girl), at which point he freaks out and runs away. She is confused and slightly insulted, but that's nothing compared to the total WTFery she feels about a month later, when she changes into a werewolf. She doesn't really believe it's happening until the guy from the party, Devin, comes back to try to recruit her for the pack, which she refuses to do despite his warnings that some serious shit is about to go down, and she shouldn't be on her own. Things start going downhill fast from there: post-party, Charlotte and Scott are together and she starts ignoring Cassidy a bit, which she figures is just a new relationship thing, but after the change, it turns into just full-out expulsion from the in crowd. Turns out Charlotte's a vampire and could sense the change, since vampires and werewolves are natural enemies, and just to twist the knife a little, she's going to use Scott as a human sacrifice for some big vampire ceremonial shebang because she knows she likes him. (Because it always comes back to your friend liking the same boy you do, doesn't it?) Cassidy saw no reason to join the war before because she was all being in denial and claiming it wasn't her war to fight, but now that it's personal, she owns up to what she is and joins the good fight and helps save the day and gets the boy. Sort of. During the rescue, it occurs to her that he's kind of being lame and not doing anything and really being kind of an annoying hassle, albeit a pretty one, so they don't actually get together at the end of the first book, though there's a chance that could change. There is also an Asian goth who starts off as Cassidy's least favorite person in the world but later helps her defeat the vampires with her extensive library of fantasy novels, Charlotte's hot brother who has lots of fun UST with Cassidy and is actually probably my favorite character and does a whole lot more so I really should have talked about him more, and a poor unfortunate boy by the name of Julian Andrews whose storyline kind of makes no sense if I don't talk about the brother. Oh well, that can wait for outline #2.


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Jun. 3rd, 2010 05:37 am (UTC)
your life, it sounds SO MUCH LIKE MINE.

I will elaborate on this when feeling more coherent.
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