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Dear Job Market

Dear Job Market,

You have, for the moment, emerged victorious. But relish your victory while you can,
because when I get done with grad school, I'm going to tear that shit up. For real.


Seriously though, upon the realization that I can in fact attend grad school for free (without having to be super smart/special/whatever-because I'm so thoroughly average that it's almost remarkable so I was never going to get a scholarship/funding/whatevs), I have decided to apply to graduate school for the fall of 2011. Hopefully studying English. With a focus on fairy tales/mythology and their influence on young adult literature. So theoretically, I'd get to read fairy tales, myths, and young adult novels or papers on fairy tales, myths, and young adult novels. For school. Which would probably the best thing EVER. Although at all the schools I'm applying to, it's a joint master's/PhD program and, well, can you REALLY picture me with a PhD? Because I'm really not that smart.

Of course, I do want to work in sports. And a PhD in English would...not be so conducive to that? I feel that interviewers would see that and be like, "Um...so what are you doing here and why didn't you get a degree in something more useful?" or "Why aren't you applying for jobs in an area where your degree would make sense?" BUT we'll get to that road when we come to it. If we come to it. If I get accepted into a program to begin with and even make it IN to an interview with a sports team. Hopefully I'm not reading the map all wrong. I'm terrible with directions.

However, the plan so far is to apply for both jobs and grad school. If I happen to get a job in baseball or hockey (I've expanded my horizons! apparently I just want to work in a sport where people swing sticks at things?) then that's fantastic and all will rejoice and I shall merrily wave to grad school from the balcony of the employed. However, if I don't get a job (and if I get into grad school), then I shall once again don my scholar's cap and jaunt over to the nearest academic institution (that will have me). 

Which means I need to start getting my shit together and start the grad school application process. Which includes finding three profs who will recommend me. I know my history advisor will, but would it be weird to have a recommendation from a history professor when I'm applying for an English graduate program? Is that acceptable? Because I don't really know if I know three professors in the English department, period. Oh. Just kidding. I just looked at the web site. Found two who might maybe recommend me/remember me? Hmm...I also need to start taking language classes for now and start preparing for the GRE and omg there's just so much stuff to do. And that also means I need to start applying for jobs.

Just thinking about it is actually kind of incredibly stressful. But it's a plan. A solid plan, I think, and it's a big step from where I was last month, last week, or even yesterday. So now that the plan is in place, time to go implement it. Wish me luck!