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Well that went well...

So for whatever reason, I decided that midnight is an EXCELLENT time to apply for jobs.

Too bad midnight is not such a good time for writing cover letters...I just re-read the cover letter that I sent in last night and it was...let's just say that it was a major fail. Like, worse than I failed my 1790s Novel paper fail. And for those of you not in the know, that was a major fail. Like, not enough lifeboats on the Titanic fail (which I hope isn't insensitive because I'm not talking about the actual singing of the Titanic, but rather the lack of poor planning with the lifeboats...which relates both to my 1790s paper and to my job applications...)

But I think the second application, for the job I really want, went much better. Fingers crossed! And if that doesn't workout, then there's always grad school? 


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Aug. 4th, 2010 12:30 am (UTC)
brb laughing at you too hard to comment

p.s. I should post here again oops.
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