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 So I'm pretty sure I'm not going to find a job in baseball this season which means that I've been looking for a job elsewhere. Which has been incredibly depressing (as was reading THIS article). I realize that any jobs that don't involve engineering/IT, I'm not qualified for. Because they want people that have experience. Or business degrees. WHY DID I NOT MAJOR IN BUSINESS??? 

I think part of the problem is that other than baseball, I'm not really sure what else I'd like to do. I like books. Maybe I could work in a library or a bookstore? But neither of those things are hiring in my area. What else am I qualified for?

I did stumble across a job posting to be an extra in TV/Commercials/Movies. No experience is required! And apparently you can make $300 a day! Because that doesn't sound like a scam at all...But they especially need "Ordinary people with ordinary looks!" I'm totally qualified!

Seriously, maybe I should just go into service.